The latest concept of washroom decor High on aesthetics & low on cost, a fast & flexible system completing today’s contemporary washroom needs. Completely eliminating the bulky, messy brick & tile concept and enabling more space.

Toilet cubicle range is available in 10/12 mm Laminated Compact board, decorative laminate, solid finish with high resistance to Fire, Damage and Water and with hardware options in stainless steel and nylon.

Cubicles are environmentally friendly and non toxic, contributing substantially to indoor air quality environments. Divisional Panels, Frontal Panels, Door Panels complete with beautiful finish.

Office Furniture

Taking the mission to create workplace for who enjoys their work, We are always thinking different level of consumption. That make it become a most popular style in India
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Commercial Products

Niveeta full height partitions for your office to make cabins, conference room, meeting room etc. We ensure that all of our Full Height partition systems conform to relevant Requirement.
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Turnkey Interiors & Fit-outs

Unique combination of Design, Built & Manufacturing. We provide total Corporate Office Interior Solutions, we have in-house production to serve our client batter.
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